● Paving/Main Street Sidewalk Construction Update 07/16/20

July 17, 2020

DATE: Thursday, 7/16/20


LOCATION: Beginning on VT Route 116 in Bristol near the intersection of Airport Road at mile marker 6.006 then running north for 1.230 miles and ending at Class I/State Highway limit at mile marker 7.263 in Bristol.

PLANNED CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: (Please be advised that the construction schedule is subject to change)

  • Night Work: Week of 7/20 – There is no night work scheduled on the project for the week of 7/20.
  • Day Work: A crew will be digging and pouring the foundations for the new flashing beacons which will be located at the pedestrian crossings by the bank of Middlebury and at the traffic light. This work is scheduled to begin at approximately 6:00 AM on Tuesday, 7/21, and should take until mid-morning to complete.
  • Once the flashing beacon foundations have been completed, the sidewalk panels at these locations can be poured. Pouring the sidewalk panels has yet to be scheduled.
  • Sign crews are scheduled to begin installing new traffic signs throughout the project later in the week next week (Thursday/Friday).
  • Sidewalk work within the day time work area is planned for Thursday and Friday next week.


  • A large percentage of the sidewalk work on the south side has been completed.
  • Paved gutters have been completed.


  • Minimal traffic impacts are expected for the week of 7/20.

As part of Governor Scott’s “Work Smart, Stay Safe” order, all construction crews are currently subject to certain safety restrictions.


Name – Natalie Boyle
Phone – 802-855-3893
Email – nboyle@eivtech.com


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