Current/Future/Completed Goals

Current Projects/Activities

COVID-19 response and trackingIn Progress
School Street & Elementary School infiltrations chambers
final designs (Clean Water Block grants)
Village Stormwater Management Plan ERP grant
administration and close-out
Pump house control panel upgrade/replacement scoping
Mountain Street sidewalk section replacementCompleted
Enhanced Energy Plan (Planning Commission)Completed
Town Plan update (Planning Commission, MPG grant)In Progress
Subdivision regulations (Planning Commission)In Progress
Main Street lighting & sidewalk improvements (DTF &
Bike Ped grants)
In Progress
Route 116/17 paving through VillageIn Progress
FEMA reimbursements for Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2019 storm
NRCS Emergency Watershed Program grant(s) for Oct.
31-Nov. 1, 2019 storm-damaged properties
Town Garage building improvements/replacement site and
facility analysis
Stoney Hill Road sidewalk scoping study (ACRPC TAC)In Progress
Emerald ash borer strategic management plan (FPR grant)In Progress
CWSRF planning loan: water line replacement PER.
Solar array proposal for landfill siteIn Progress
Upper Notch slide repair
Class 4 road maintenance policies
Winter maintenance policies (roads, sidewalks, salt, sand,
property damage, etc.)
Police Union contract reviewCompleted
Town Officer vacancies/recruitmentIn Progress
Personnel policies review

Pending Future Projects/Activities/Goals

VTrans paving grant application: Paving Monkton Road
Water Ordinance update (galvanized pipes, etc.)
Sewer Ordinance update (grease traps, fees)
New Police Station feasibility study
RFQ for sewer system study engineer
CWSRF planning loan: wastewater capacity expansion
design & feasibility
Memorial Park improvements
Upper Notch illegal dump cleanup and enforcement
Stormwater master plan implementation projects (ERP and
other grants)
VTrans Bike Ped grant application: design & construction
plans for West Street south side sidewalk upgrade from
Champlain Farms to ... Maple Street?
Orchard Terrace water line extension and cash flow
New Community Center/Hub Teen Center Steering
Howden Hall Coach House touch-up painting
Basin Street project
Comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan
Continuity of Operations Plan
Selectboard handbook
Adirondack View parcel/right-of-way status

Completed Projects/Activities

Village stormwater master plan & 30% designs
West and East Streets dry wells, culverts, hydrant replacement
Northern Border Regional Commission grant Notice to Proceed
Howden Hall painting
Selectboard rules of procedure
Stoney Hill Infrastructure Project RFQ
Town Garage site and buildings assessment RFP
Town-wide Police Department feasibility committee
Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP)
Water system leak study and repairs
Basin Street study update proposal
Basin Street culvert repair and bank stabilization
Fuller parcel conservation
Green Lantern Solar offsets for Town buildings
Roads & Culvert Inventory and Capital Plan
Grader purchase