Conservation Commission

The Town of Bristol’s Conservation Commission mission is to conserve Bristol’s natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations, raise public awareness for these resources and provide opportunities for greater involvement by the community.  

The Conservation Commission meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:00pm at the Town Offices.

The current commissioners of the Conservation Commission are:

  • Katie Reilley, Chair (Term expires March 2021)
  • Carolyn Dash, Vice Chair (Term expires March 2021)
  • Randy Durand (Term expires March 2022)
  • Carla Fenner, Secretary (Term expires March 2022)
  • Melanie Lloyd (Term expires March 2020)
  • David Rosen (Term expires March 2020)
  • Kristen Underwood (Term expires March 2020)
  • VACANT (Term expires March 2021)
  • VACANT(Term expires March 2022)

The Conservation Commission is currently looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the BCC please email the chair, Katie Reilley, at


The purposes of the Commission are:

(a) to develop and maintain an inventory and conduct studies of the Town of Bristol’s (Town) natural, scenic, and recreational resources and other lands which have historic, educational, cultural, scientific, architectural, or archeological values in which the public has an interest (subsequently referred to as social resources) and to assist in planning for their conservation for the continuing benefit of the townspeople of Bristol;

(b) to recommend to the legislative body the acquisition of property interests to protect and conserve the Town’s natural and social resources;

(c) to protect all water and wetland resources;

(d) to foster the protection of sensitive natural areas and species;

(e) to increase awareness of conservation and recreational goals in overall land use planning and zoning;

(f)  to allow for recreational uses on acquired lands which are consistent with conservation goals and have a minimum impact on the land;

(g) to conduct a broad education program on issues which have an impact on local natural and social resources;

(h) to make recommendations to and cooperate and communicate with town officials, commissions, groups, and organizations having similar concerns and with appropriate agencies of the regional, state, and federal government.


BCC Bylaws (PDF)

Annual Reports, 2018–2003 (PDF)

Past Meeting Minutes and Agendas