Revolving Loan Fund Committee

The Bristol Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) was established with grant money the Town received in the mid-1980s for Downtown Storefront improvement and low-income housing (apartment) renovations.

The current RLF is money that has been repaid from the original and current loans. The fund is available for projects in Bristol. The RLF is designed for use in instances where conventional sources (bank loan, VEDA or SBA loan) may not fully a project. The fund can be used in conjunction with other sources of money.

The current members of the Revolving Loan Fund Committee are:

Theresa Gile(Term expires March 2022)
William Sayre(Term expires March 2022)
Michelle Perlee, Ex-Officio Selectboard(Term expires March 2024)
Carol Wells(Term expires March 2024)
Dan Werme (Term expires March 2024)
Fred Baser, Chair(Term expires March 2024)
VACANT(Term expires March 2024)
VACANT(Term expires March 2024)