Bristol Annual Town Report

Every year before March Town Meeting Day, the town’s annual report is mailed to all residents and taxpayers. Be sure to take a moment to sit down with the town report. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn.

The town report includes the agenda or “warning” for the upcoming town meeting. Be sure to mark the date and time of town meeting on your calendar. Take a look at the list of warning articles for this year. Which will be discussed from the floor, and which will be voted on by Australian ballot? Take the time to look over the budget, and compare last year’s figures to this year’s. Read the reports of the committees—here, your neighbors share their thoughts on how the town has fared this year and plans for the future. Do you have any questions to bring up at the meeting?

Your town report is a great reference tool. Look it over when it arrives, and bring it along with you to town meeting. It is this year’s story of your community.

Town Reports (PDF format)

2020 Town Report

2019 Town Report

2018 Town Report

2017 Town Report

2016 Town Report

2015 Town Report – Tax Rate Comparison/Corrected Page 23

2014 Town Report

2013 Town Report

2012 Town Report

2011 Town Report

2010 Town Report

Adapted from “How and Why to Read Your Town Report,” by the Vermont Institute for Government.