Clerk & Treasurer

The Town Clerk is Sharon Lucia.
The Town Clerk can be reached at (802) 453-2410 x5 or

The Treasurer & Collector of Delinquent Taxes is Jen Myers.
The Treasurer can be reached at (802) 453-2410 x5 or

Some reminders from the Town Clerk about the upcoming fiscal year:

Taxes – This year property tax bills will be sent out in late September. This will reduce the number of revised tax bills mailed. When you receive your bill, it will show any State payments (prebate) that have been made. If you have any questions regarding your prebate payment, please contact the Tax Department directly at 866-828-2865 (toll-free).

Voting – If you have not registered to vote, you may do so prior to the election or on the day of the election. Forms are available at the Town Office, Lawrence Memorial Library or at the Department of Motor Vehicles. All ballots for voting are available at least two weeks prior to any election. You can choose to vote in person, have your ballot mailed to you or take a ballot home.

DMV Registration Renewals – In order for us to process your renewal, we must have the renewal form the DMV sends you. We can only accept checks or money orders for the amount of the renewal and are not allowed to accept any renewals more than 60 days old. There is a three dollar ($3.00) fee for processing the renewal, which is separate from the registration fee and can be paid in cash. To register online at the DMV click here.

Dog Licenses – Prior to April 1st, spayed or neutered dogs are $9.00 and $13.00 for non-spayed or neutered dogs. After April 1st, spayed or neutered dogs are $11.00 and $17.00 for non-spayed or neutered dogs. Licenses and tags may be sent in the mail to you if you send us a copy of the dog’s rabies certificate with a check for the fee.

Marriage Licenses – The cost is $60.00 plus $10.00 for each certified copy you request. They are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. You will need to complete an Application which is available at the Town Office or on-line here. Please note that the Application is not the actual License.  An information sheet about getting married in Vermont is available here.

Birth and Death Certifications – The cost for a Certified copy of a Birth Certificate or Death Certificate is $10.00. An Application to request a Birth or Death Certificate is available here.

Green Mountain Passport – The cost for a Green Mountain Passport is $2.00. An individual must be 62 years of age or over or a Veteran of the uniformed services, be a resident of Vermont and a resident of the municipality where the application is submitted. An Application is available here. Brochure here.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information above, please contact Sharon Lucia or Jen Myers at 453-2410 x5.