Fire Department

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Bristol Fire Department is to deliver the highest professional service to our community by protecting life, property, and the environment. We carry out these functions by providing courteous and effective responses through quality training with the highest standards of integrity and performance. In partnership with our community, we strive for excellence through prevention and education.

Bristol Fire Department 2018 Annual Report

FY2017-FY2029 Capital Equipment Plan  ♦  FY2017-FY2044 Apparatus (Vehicle) Replacement Plan

Bristol Fire Department Receives Recognition at the Vermont State Firefighters Association – 127th Annual Conference

Fire Station Open House – September 2016  (YouTube Video)

Acquisition & Redevelopment of North Street Fire Station w/ Proposed Zoning Amendments

As we are entering that time of year where we see an increase in backyard burning, the Fire Department would like to remind residents that certain types of open burning are permissible if they do not create a nuisance, and if they are not prohibited by local ordinances.

The Town of Bristol-Forest Fire Warden or their designee, is responsible for the issuance of burning permits.


A permit from the Town Fire Warden is required for the burning of leaves, brush, deadwood, tree cuttings, and weeds from your property, except when there is snow on the site.

The fire warden may refuse to issue a permit if in their judgment the weather or the site conditions create a dangerous situation.


A person is not required to have a permit for a campfire (any fire for cooking or warming) on their own land.


Fires kindled for the purpose of burning brush or for other lawful purposes shall be kindled only at such times and under such conditions as will enable the parties starting them to keep them entirely under control and not creating a public nuisance or hazard. Fires must be attended at all times.

Town of Bristol Fire Warden
Edward Shepard
(802) 453-2821

Town of Bristol Fire Warden-Key Person (designee)
Brett LaRose, Fire Chief
(802) 798-2673 – cell
(802) 453-6953 – home

Town of Bristol Fire Warden-Key Person (designee)
Eric Forand, Asst. Fire Chief
(802) 585-0633 – cell
(802) 453-4167 – home