Development Review Board

The Development Review Board consists of seven members as well as two alternates who are appointed by the Selectboard. The DRB is responsible for the review of applications for conditional uses, site plan review, subdivisions, and variances in accordance with the Bristol Unified Development Regulations. The DRB also hears appeals of decisions of the Zoning Administrator and enforcement matters.

The Development Review Board meets the second and fourth Tuesday as needed each month. The meeting is held at the Town Offices and starts at 7:00 pm.

The current members of the Development Review Board are:

Thomas WellsTerm Expires March 2022
Ted DesmondTerm Expires March 2023
Paul JackmanTerm Expires March 2023
John MoyersTerm Expires March 2023
Kevin Brown (Chair)Term Expires March 2024
Carol ClaussTerm Expires March 2024
Brenda TillbergTerm Expires March 2024
Robert Rooker (Alternate)Term Expires March 2022
Josh Crandall (Alternate)Term Expires March 2022