Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is in charge of creating and proposing plans, regulatory tools, and other measures to guide the future development of the town. More information about the duties of the Planning Commission can be found at 24 V.S.A. § 4325. Powers and duties of planning commissions.

The Planning Commission meets the first and third Tuesday as needed each month. The meeting is held at the Town Office, starts at 7:00 pm, and is filmed by NEAT.

The current members of the Bristol Planning Commission are:

Lloyd Dike(Term expires March 2022)
Robert Rooker(Term expires March 2022)
Tom Wallace(Term expires March 2022)
Kevin Hanson(Term expires March 2023)
Jeff Lunstead(Term expires March 2023)
William Sayre(Term expires March 2024)
Melissa Hernandez(Term expires March 2022)
VACANT(Term expires March 2024)
VACANT(Term expires March 2024)

FY 2019/2020 Meetings
June 16, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes
June 2, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes
May 19, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes
May 5, 2020AgendaMinutes
April 21, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes
March 3, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes
February 18, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes - DRAFT
February 4, 2020AgendaPurinton PUD Application
Purinton PUD Sketch

NEAT video
January 21, 2020AgandaNEAT videoMinutes (Updated)
January 7, 2020AgendaNEAT videoMinutes
December 15, 2019Agenda
December 3, 2019AgendaMinutes - DRAFT
November 19, 2019AgendaMinutes
October 15, 2019AgendaMinutes
October 1, 2019AgendaMinutes
September 3, 2019AgendaMinutes
August 20, 2019
AgendaBristol_EnergyPlan_2019_FinalMinutes - DRAFT
July 16, 2019Agenda

Town Plan:


Enhanced Energy Plan – 2020

Zoning Regulation Changes – 2020