How to Run for Local Office

Bristol needs you. In communities all across Vermont, citizens take on the tasks of the selectboard, planning commission, listers, justices of the peace, among others. How about you?

Getting elected or appointed to an office isn’t hard. First, look into which office is a good match with your skills and interests. Positions are listed in the town’s Annual Report, and many are described in these pages. Let this guide be your invitation to join with your friends and neighbors in getting involved in local government.


Moderator1 Year
First Constable1 Year
Second Constable1 Year
Town Agent1 Year
Selectboard3 Years
Selectboard2 Years
Lister2 Years
Lister3 Years
Justice of the Peace2 Years
Library Trustee3 Years
Library Trustee1 Year
Mt Abe Unified School District3 years
Mt Abe Unified School District2 Years

To run for local office in an elected position, you must be on the Bristol voter checklist and will need 1% of the town’s legally qualified voters’ signatures on a local candidate petition for office. You will also need to complete a local candidate consent form. Signed petitions are due by the 6th Monday before Town Meeting Day (in late January). Contact the Town Clerk’s office for more information.

Local Candidate petition form

Local Candidate Consent form


Bristol frequently looks for qualified individuals to appoint as members of the Commissions and Boards. In addition, there are other positions, as well as special committees, which may be appointed by the Selectboard. Please see the list of Town officers in the Town Report for a complete listing. There are also other groups in town who are always looking for volunteers.

Planning Commission
Development Review Board
Conservation Commission
Design Review Commission
Energy Committee
Revolving Loan Fund
Equipment Committee
HUB Community Advisory Board

To run for local office in an appointed position you must be on the Bristol voter checklist. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the PDF form linked below and return it to the Town Administrator, Town of Bristol, PO Box 249, Bristol, VT 05443, drop off at the Town Office at One South Street, Bristol, or in the box located in the lobby of Holley Hall during Town Meeting or Election Day.

Application for Volunteer Positions in Town Government form